• Temperature dashboard: Overview
  • Navigate to the temperature dashboard
  • Temperature dashboard filters
  • Export temperature dashboard data/images

Temperature dashboard: Overview

The temperature dashboard, which refreshes every 30 minutes, shows the various temperature statuses of the assets in the following colour codes:

  • Green: percentage of assets in the pre-defined normal temperature range
  • Blue: percentage of assets below normal temperature
  • Red: percentage of assets above normal temperature
  • Grey: percentage of assets in unknown status or not sending data

Additionally, the temperature dashboard gives the following information:

  • On hovering over a temperature status, the number of assets in that status out of all the assets in the current region is shown
  • The last refresh date and time is shown above the temperature dashboard

To view the location of the assets, see this article.


Navigate to the temperature dashboard

  1. Click on the Dashboard tab in the main menu
  2. Click on Overview in the drop-down list
  3. The temperature dashboard is displayed on the right

Temperature dashboard filters

  1. Entity tag filters: filter dashboard data based on entity tags
    • Include tag: include only entities belonging to the selected tag(s)
    • Exclude tag: exclude only entities belonging to the selected tag(s)
  2. Temperature donut filters: filter temperature donut data based on multiple filters
    • Asset type: show temperature status of only assets belonging to the selected asset type(s)
    • Period (since): show temperature statuses that have persisted for the selected time period
    • Exclude temperature state: exclude selected temperature state(s)

Export temperature dashboard data/images

  1. Hover over the icon on the top right corner of the donut chart
  2. Choose the file format to save the data/image as
  3. The image/data is downloaded and saved on your computer