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Order edit: Overview

An order, once created, can be edited to accommodate change in requirement or addition/updation of entered information. The following edit operations can be performed on an order:

  • Edit order quantity
  • Add new materials
  • Add/Edit payment

NoteA customer can edit an order ONLY if it is in a pending state. While a vendor can edit an order if it is in a pending, confirmed or backordered state. 


Navigate to the View Orders page

  1. Click on the 'Logistimo' logo to open the application
  2. Log in with the username and password

  3. Click on Orders
  4. Click on View Orders

Edit an order

  1. Select Purchases or Sales to view purchase orders or sales orders
  2. Search an order to edit

    a. Click on the Enter order number field and Enter order number if known OR

    b. Click on a order status tab and search for the order 

  3. Click on an order to edit

  4. View the following details of that material:
    a. Stock on hand: this is the total quantity of the material physically held at an entity (Available + Allocated)
    b. Min: the minimum quantity of material that should be stocked
    c. Max: the maximum quantity of material that should be stocked
    d. Allocated: quantity of material that is already allocated for other entities, thus not available for transactions
    e. Available: the quantity of material available in stock (Stock on hand - Allocated)
    f. In transit: the quantity of material that has already been dispatched by the vendor and yet to be received at this entity
    g. Updated: the date and time stamp that shows when the information was last updated
  5. View the items in the order along with ordered, recommended and allocated quantities
  6. Click on the Edit button at the bottom of the screen to edit the order

  7. Add payment amount, to update the order amount, IF REQUIRED
  8. Enter a new order quantity of material, IF REQUIRED
  9. Click on the Select reason dropdown button to view options.This appears only if the system recommendation is overridden
  10. Select a reason from the available options

  11. Click on the Save button to continue, or the Cancel button to go back to order page

  12. Click on the Add button to add more materials to the order, IF REQUIRED
  13. Add required materials to the order. 

    Note:Refer to 'How to create a Purchase / Sales order on mobile?' article to learn how to add material(s).

  14. Click on the Add to order button or Clear all to exit
  15. Enter Message, if required

  16. Review the order and click on Send to submit the update, Clear to go back to order screen, Edit to update the order or Add to add new materials
  17. A pop-up displays 'Order successfully updated' message. This indicates the order update were successful. Click on Ok to continue


TIP: To learn how to ship an order, refer to 'How to ship an order on mobile?article.