• Order Shipment: Overview
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    • Navigate to the View Orders page
    • Ship an order

Order shipment: Overview

An order is shipped when the requested materials are fully dispatched from the vendor store. A shipment notification is sent to customer via SMS, email or bulletin board.


NOTE: Only vendors can ship an order placed to them. Alternatively, admins/managers with right permissions can ship an order. Also, the vendor inventory reduces accordingly post shipment. 


Navigate to the View Orders page

  1. Click on the 'Logistimo' logo to open the application
  2. Log in with the username and password

  3. Click on Orders
  4. Click on View Orders

Ship an order

  1. Select Sales to view orders placed by customers
  2. Select an order

    a. Click on the Enter order number field and enter the order number (if known) OR

    b. Click on the Confirmed status tab and select an order to be shipped

  3. View confirmed orders and select the one which should be shipped
  4. View details of the order

    a. Status: status of the order - Pending, Confirmed, Shipped, Fulfilled, Backordered, Cancelled

    b. Paid: amount paid for the order

    c. Created: date of order creation

    d. Updated: date the order was last updated

    e. Customer: the entity that will receive the material

    f. Vendor: the entity that will dispatch the order

  5. View the items in the order along with ordered, Recommended and Allocated quantities

  6. Click on Edit to allocate stock to the order

  7. View system allocation for all materials
  8. Click on Allocate button, below a material which is not batch managed. For materials which are batch managed proceed to step 11

  9. Review the allocation and click on Save to continue or Cancel to go back to the previous screen
  10. View the Allocated quantity on the order screen

  11. Click on Allocate button, below a material which is batch managed
  12. Review the system allocation across existing batches.


    a. For each batch, the Available stock, Allocated stock and Expiry date is listed below the batch name

    b. Stock is allocated from batches which are expiring first and which has enough stock. If first    expiring batch does not have enough stock, then stock will be allocated from the next expiring batch

  13. Click on a batch quantity field and enter a new number to be allocated, ONLY if you are not agreeing with the system allocation
  14. Click on Save to confirm or Cancel to go back to the previous screen

  15. Review allocated batch details on the order screen. 
  16. Ensure stock is allocated for all materials. Click on Save to confirm allocation or Clear all to reset values or Cancel to quit

  17. Review the order screen and click on Save to continue, Clear to clear allocation, Edit to re-allocate or edit order, Add to add new materials to the order

  18.  An 'Order successfully updated' message appears. Click on Ok to continue

  19. Click on Change dropdown button
  20. Select Ship from the status options

  21. Enter Transporter name
  22. Enter Tracking ID
  23. Enter Package size
  24. Click on the Estimated date of arrival fieldSelect a date, month and year by using  the '+' or '-' icon to navigate to the next or previous date, month and year
  25. Enter comments, if any
  26. Click on Ship to ship the order or Cancel to quit

  27. Click on Yes to confirm the order shipment or on No to go back to the previous screen
  28. View the order status on order page. It would have changed to Shipped

  29. Scroll to the bottom of order page to view the created shipments. Click on the shipment
  30. View shipment details


TIP: To learn about how to fulfil a shipped order, refer to 'How to fulfil an order?article.