• Overview
  • How to modify the no. of packages at the time of pick up?


In some orders, it might happen that at the time of pick up, the transporter discovers that there are more packages than specified in the pick up task of the order. There may be multiple reasons to this circumstance such as: 

  1. Order created with incorrect number of packages
  2. Shipping store could not package the order in the earlier specified number of packages

In a situation like this, the transporter must edit the number of packages at the time of pick-up on the Fleet mobile application. This figure below demonstrates the process flow for this 


The text guide below is action that must be carried out by transporter

  1. Start the pick up process by tapping on the pick order button as shown in the screenshot below

  2. Review the number of packages specified in the order and count the number of packages that actually exist

    If there are more boxes than specified, the transporter must first verify that the other boxes too belong to the same order. Confusions should be avoided especially when picks ups are being done for multiple orders.

    Only upon verification that more than specified number of packages exist, the following steps from 3-7 must be carried out

  3. Tap on the line that has number of packages, a blinking cursor will appear
  4. Edit the number of packages to the actual number of packages at the pick up location and tap on the next button.  

For this example, the number of packages has been edited from 2 to 4

        5. Delivery agent scans the QR codes for the modified no. of packages. 

Since the number of packages were changed from 2 to 4, the number. of QR codes available for scan will now be the new quantity, i.e 4.

        6. Capture the photographs for the order and complete pick up