• Order Shipment: Overview
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    • Navigate to the Orders listing page
    • Ship an order

Order shipment: Overview

An order is shipped when the requested materials are fully dispatched from the vendor store. A shipment notification is sent to customer via SMS, email or bulletin board.

NOTE: Only vendors can ship an order placed to them. Alternatively, admins/managers with right permissions can ship an order. Also, the vendor inventory reduces accordingly post shipment. 


Navigate to the Orders listing page

  1. Click on the Orders tab on the main menu
  2. Click on the Orders sub-tab on the drop-down list
  3. Select a Confirmed order to ship, either by scrolling through the order list OR by using one of the available filters

Ship an order

1. Click on the Edit button to allocate stock to the order

2. Enter the stock to be allocated in Ordered field for all materials which are not batch managed. The entered quantity cannot be more than available stock at the vendor entity 

3. Click on the Select material status field and select the status of the material allocated

4. Click on the Allocate by batch button to allocate stock for batch managed materials

5. Stock is automatically allocated from the batch which is expiring first

6. Continue with system recommendation OR enter stock to be allocated per batch in the Quantity field and select the status of the material (ONLY IF the system recommendation is not as expected)

7. Click on Save to save the allocation or Cancel to discard the allocation

8. If system recommendation is overridden, a pop-up message appears informing that the stock has not been entirely allocated from the first expiring batch. Click on Cancel to re-allocate or OK to confirm the entered allocation

9. Ensure stock is allocated for all materials in the order

10. Click on Save to confirm allocation or Cancel to discard the entered allocation

11. A Material updated successfully message is displayed

12. Click on Change status icon

13. Select Ship option from the list

14. Enter the following shipment details

a. Transporter: name of the transporter delivering the order

b. Tracking Id: order tracking ID used to track dispatched order

c. Estimated date of arrival: estimated date by when the order will reach the customer

d. Package size: size of the order package 

e. Comments: message to the customer

15. Click on Save to submit the order or Cancel to discard the entries and go back to the previous page

16. A message Order updated successfully appears. This confirms the shipment of the order

17. View the status of the order on the detailed orders page. It would have changed to Shipped