• Order confirmation: Overview
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    • Navigate to the Orders listing page
    • Confirm an order

Order confirmation: Overview

A vendor, upon receiving a purchase order from a customer, will confirm the order ONLY if it can be fully/partially fulfilled. This confirmation will be intimated to customer via SMS, email or bulletin board. 

For sales order, as the vendor store is creating the order, the order can be configured to be in a confirmed state by default (upon creation).


NOTE: A purchase order can be confirmed ONLY by a vendor to whom the order has been placed. Alternatively, an admin with right permissions can also confirm an order. 


Navigate to the Orders listing page

  1. Click on the Orders tab on the main menu
  2. Click on the Orders sub-tab on the drop-down list
  3. View a list of all orders across entities. Select a pending order either by scrolling through the list OR by using one of the available filters

4. Click on the Change status icon

5. Select Confirm from the list

6. Enter a comment, IF ANY

7. Click on Save to continue or Cancel to discard changes and go back to the previous page

8. An Order updated successfully message is displayed (upon clicking Save in the previous step)

9. View the new status of the order on the order details page