• Support Settings: Overview
  • Configure support details

Support settings: Overview

Support settings help configure the contact details of the support person to be contacted for assistance by the users. This can be set to default based on the user roles in the domain. A different support contact can be provided for operators, managers or administrators. Support information can be either specified by selecting a user (already existing in the domain), or by explicitly entering a name, phone number or email. 

Configure support details

  1. Click on Configuration in the main menu
  2. Click on General from the drop-down list 
  3. Navigate to the Support Settings section at the bottom of the page 
  4. Type the name of an existing user next to the applicable role in the User field and select the user from the dropdown

5. If the user to be contacted is not part of this domain, enter the name, phone number or email of the user in the respective fields (Name, Phone number, Email Id). Selecting an       existing user will automatically default the support contact information to the user's name, phone number and email.

     6. Click on Save button at the bottom of the page

     7. A message will be displayed confirming that General configuration has been successfully updated