Asset Management focuses on monitoring quality of the materials and lifecycle of the assets that hold these materials.

A Remote Temperature Monitoring system is built on this platform for observing cold chain performance across distributed supply networks, with automated notifications and escalation procedures for the workforce. This product is comprised of APIs supporting various device manufacturers, a management console for simple remote configuration of devices, and a web dashboard & analytics integrated fully with the SCM platform.

The different functions of asset management on Logistimo are as listed below:

  • Asset Monitoring:
    • Open APIs to monitor quality of materials with hardware integrations: Temperature conditions, power availability etc
    • Single & multi sensor device integration
    • Remote management of hardware configuration (Changing thresholds, data capture frequency, remote alarm triggers etc)
    • Real time data on alarm conditions¬†
    • Easy visual dashboards with drill-down investigation
  • Managing lifecycle of an asset:¬†
    • Traceability of repair conditions: Options to track working condition of an asset, moving between standby status, under repair, defrosting and working
    • Capturing physical attributes of an asset: Volume of the material, age of a cold chain equipment etc
    • Capturing information of repair personnel, asset owners etc
    • Capture location, personnel information of the facility holding these assets
  • Real time Notification:
    • Configurable multi-language (Unicode) messages¬†
    • SMS alerts, streaming feeds, and daily, weekly & monthly email digests
    • Escalation based notification framework covering repair status, temperature excursions, power outages, battery status of hardware etc

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