Managing orders includes the process of raising purchase or sale request between nodes in a supply chain. The multi staged ordering process allows partial shipments & fulfilment, pre-allocation of stock, provides recommendation on quantity & periodicity of order placement. In addition, key metrics such as order processing time, delivery lead times, inadequate supply and their reasons can be captured.

The different functions of order management on Logistimo are as listed below:

  • End-to-End Order Requisition Tracking
  • Push or Pull Ordering (Sales Orders/Purchase Orders)
  • Visibility of Customer Stock for Push Orders
  • Recommended Order Quantity based on Min/Max
  • Order Processing Time & Delivery Lead Time Computations
  • Automatic Backordering if Shipments are for Partial Quantity
  • Order Status Tracking
  • ¬†View Recommended vs Ordered/Shipped/Fulfilled Quantity Discrepancies

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