• Text Guide
    • Navigate to the Assets page
    • Remove asset(s)

Navigate to the Assets page

  1. Click on Setup on the main menu
  2. Click on Assets in the drop-down menu
  3. View a list of existing assets

Remove asset(s)

1. Click on the Remove assets button

2. If you click without selecting any asset, a popup will appear to remind you to select an asset

3. Check on the small checkbox at the beginning of the row to select the asset, you can select multiple checkboxes to select many assets to be deleted at the same time

4. Click on the Remove assets button

5. A popup will appear to confirm if you want to remove the asset, click OK to continue or CancelĀ to go back

6. A popup will appear to say that the asset and all associated transactions will be removed

6. The asset will no longer appear in the list

7. The number of assets in the list will be reduced by the same number as the number of assets removed

9. If there is a domain icon in place of a checkbox, that means you have to navigate to that domain in order to remove the asset. Hover over the icon to discover the name of the domain and click on it to be taken there. Once in the domain, continue with the same steps described here