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    • Navigate to Handling units page
    • Create Handling Units


Navigate to the Handling units page

  1. Click on the Setup on the main menu
  2. Click on Handling Units in the drop-down menu

3. View a list of existing Handling Units

4. Click on Create Handling Units

Create Handling Units

1. Write the name of the material (MANDATORY) 

2. Fill in a description that will be useful for users (OPTIONAL)

3. Select the contents of the Handling Unit (MANDATORY)  - contents (units of a material) cannot be added to Handling Units list unless it has already been created earlier and added to the master list of materials (See article "How to create material")

4. Add the quantity of the Handling Unit

5. Click on Update to add the Handling Unit to the list or on Cancel to leave without creating a new Handling Unit

6. A popup will appear to confirm that the Handling Unit for the material has been added successfully

7. Go to Setup > Handling Units to verify that the record has been updated