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    • Navigate to Materials page
    • Create materials


Navigate to the Materials page

  1. Click on the Setup on the main menu
  2. Click on Materials in the drop-down menu
  3. Click on Create Materials tab in the sub-menu

Create material

1. Enter material information (all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory)

1. Enter Name of the material (MANDATORY) 

2. Enter Short name of the material if required

3. Enter Custom-ID if needed

4. Enter the description of the material

5. Enter any additional information that would be useful to users

6. Check the show on mobile phone box to enable mobile users to view the information

7. Click on the Tags field to select tags to apply to the material, tags make it easier to search for and categorize materials

8. Select as many tags as apply to the material

9. If the material is batch-managed, check the box

10. If the material count is binary in nature, that is, exists or does not exist, then check Is binary valued

11. If the material is seasonal check the Seasonal box

2. Enter pricing information for the material

1. Enter the manufacturer-specified retail price (MSRP)

2. Enter the retailer's price

3. Select currency from the drop-down list

3. Enable temperature monitoring for the material if required

1. If the material is temperature sensitive check the box

2. Enter the minimum and maximum temperature range within which the material must be stored in degrees Celcius

4. Save the record

1. Click on Save to save material details and create a new record or on Cancel if you do not want to create the new material

2. A pop-up message will confirm that the material has been created successfully