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Sent message status: Overview

The app enables users to compose a manual message through a message composer user interface and define the audience to whom the message/push notification will be sent.  This message can be viewed in the sent message status screen.


Navigate to the Users page

  1. Click on the Setup tab on the main menu
  2. Click on Users in the drop-down menu
  3. Click on View sent messages tab on the sub menu

View sent message status

4. View the status of messages (See table below for types of message delivery status)

5. Also view the total number of messages sent

6. The messages are listed in order with the latest one on top

7. View the name of the person to whom the message has been sent

8. View the date and time when the message was sent

9. View the name of the person who sent out the message

10. View the message

Message delivery status

The following message delivery status are shown in Sent message status. The table explains what each state means and the reasons:

Message in queue
Messaging service provider (SMS country) accepted the request to send message and has queued to send it to the carrier network
Message submitted to carrier
Message had been submitted to the SMSC (Short Message Service Center) and waiting for response status
Message could not be delivered
Message was not delivered. This happens when the Carrier encounters
  • inactive or unidentified or untraceable destination mobile number
  • mobile handset memory or inbox full
  • no credit balance available to receive the SMS Text message (specifically for pre-paid or pay-as-you-go)
  • not enabled to receive SMS Text message (typical for USA)
Message delivered
Message had been delivered to the mobile number successfully
Message expired
Message validity period has expired. This happens when the destination mobile is either switched off or out of coverage area for a certain period of time. The SMSC failed to deliver even after its final attempt as per its retry scheme
Message rejected
Message was rejected at the SMSC of the Carrier. This happens when the destination network is not available or blocked to the Carrier
Message sent
Message accepted by the carrier and will be delivered to customer
User has opted out of receiving messages

Invalid mobile phone number

Gateway error
Unable to communicate to gateway