• Entity tag ranking: Overview
  • Navigate to the Tags configuration page
  • Configure entity tag ranking

Entity tag ranking: Overview

Entities in the supply chain network view can be displayed in an order of hierarchy based on entity ranking. The network view is primarily based on node to node (entity) relationships. Entity ranking can further be used to defined an echelon based view, where entity tags in the same echelon can be viewed accordingly.

This is viewable in the network view of the entity overview page.

Navigate to the Tags configuration page

  1. Click on the Configuration tab in the main menu
  2. Select the Tags sub-tab from the drop-down list
  3. View the list of all the configuration option available

Configure entity tag ranking

  1. View the list of entity tags and determine the applicable hierarchy to be used
  2. Type the name of the entity tag in the Entity tags rank view to be used and select from the dropdown list
  3. Add the number in the ascending order based on the level in the supply chain hierarchy. For example: The highest level in a hierarchy will be 1
  4. Complete listing of all the entity tags and ranking them
  5. Rank multiple entity tags with the same number if they are at the same level
  6. Click on Save button at the end of the page to finalise these configurations

  7. View the confirmation that the configuration has been updated successfully