• Order Tags: Overview
  • Navigate to the Tags configuration page
  • Configure order tags

Order Tags: Overview

Order tags are used to bucket created orders into specific categories.

Example: An order might be tagged as routine orders, emergency orders etc 

Order tags are useful to differentiate between orders created. They can be used as filters in orders view.

Navigate to the Tags configuration page

  1. Click on the Configuration tab in the main menu
  2. Select the Tags sub-tab from the drop-down list
  3. View the list of all the configuration option available

Configure order tags

  1. Click on the type field under Order Tags
  2. Type the order tag 
  3. Select the highlighted order tag
  4. Select the option 'Allow only tags defined above (i.e. no user-defined tags)' if new tags should not be allowed at the stage of order creation
  5. Click on Save button at the end of the page to finalise these configurations

  6. View the confirmation that the configuration has been updated successfully

  7. To categories orders under these tags, refer to the order creation process

Multiple order tags can be configured at the same time