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    • Navigate to Users page
    • Export users


Navigate to the Users page

  1. Click on the Setup tab on the main menu
  2. Click on Users in the drop-down menu
  3. View all the users within the domain

Export user(s)

1. Click on the Export button

2. A message will pop up to inform that you have chosen to export all users (without any filters). Click on Ok to continue or Cancel to return to the main screen and apply filters

3. On clicking OK, a message will pop up to inform you that the export has been successful

4. Click on the User profile drop-down on the top right corner and click on the My Exports tab 

5. View the exports already done, and click on the name of the file to open it and view the data

6. To view all the exports in the domain click on the checkbox and navigate to the file you wish to view

11. To choose Java feature phone application click on Application type

12. When a Java phone is chosen, there is an option to choose from various languages, select a language from the options available 

13. Review the message and edit it if required

14. Click on the Submit button to send the message

15. A pop-up will notify that the message was successfully sent to selected user(s)

16. Click the Sent message status tab

17. View the message(s) sent out