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Users: Overview

Users belong to the category of master data in the application. Users have to authenticate themselves to access the application (Web and Mobile) with a valid username and password. Every user will be assigned a role during creation. Based on the role of the user, capabilities, and limitations are defined for accessing the application.

Application supports following user roles

  • Superuser
  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Operator

Superusers can access any domain and have no any restrictions for accessing the application. While administrators, managers, and operators are created and operate on domain level and accessing capabilities will be based on the domain permissions and configurations. Apart from domains to which users are part of, they can be added to other (accessible) domains.


Navigate to the Setup Users page

  1. Click on the Setup tab on the main menu
  2. Click on Users in the drop-down menu
  3. View all the users 

Filter users who have never logged in

1. Click on the down arrow to expand the filters

2. Click on Show users who never logged in checkbox 

3. View records of all users who have never logged in

4. View how many records there are of people who have never logged in

5. Check the box on the header row to select all records

6. Check the box on a row to select a particular record

7. Records are listed in alphabetical order

8. View unique usernames

9. View full name of the users

10. View their roles within the application, this will define permissions and tasks

11. View tags that have been applied to the user

12. View their location

13. View users' phone numbers

14. View the last mobile access

15. Click on the edit icon to edit the record (See article How to edit user(s))

Other activities that can be done on this page include:

1. Select a record

2. Click on Send a message button to send a message to the user (See article How to send a message to user(s))

3. Click on the Export button to export the data. The filters have implications on "Export"  users functionality also (See article How to export user(s))

4. Click on Remove button to remove user(s) from the system (See article How to remove user(s))

5. Click on the Username to view details of the user

6. Click on the Edit button to edit the record (See article How to edit user(s))

7. Click on the Reset button to reset all filters to default values