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Removing entities: Overview

When an entity is wrongly created and is not expected to be operational, it could be removed from the application. it is important to keep in mind that on removing an entity, the following will also get removed:

  • current & historical details of the entity
  • all historical transactions associated with the entity
  • data associated with this entity on Dashboards
  • established relationships with other entities, assets & users


Navigate to the Entities page

1. Click on the Setup tab on the main menu 

2. Select the Entities sub-tab from the options on the drop-down list

Remove entities

  1. Check the box next to the entity to be removed, multiple entities can be removed at the same time
  2. Click on the Remove entities button 

    If no entities are selected, all the entities in the domain will be deleted

  3. Click on OK button on the pop-up message to confirm the removal
  4. A message will be displayed confirming that the entity removal process has started. Verify if the entities have been removed by refreshing the entities page