• Configure general order management features

Configure general order management features

  1. Click on Configuration tab in the main menu
  2. Select Orders sub-tab from the dropdown 
  3. Navigate to the General section on the page 
  4.  Select the type of purchase order generation related configuration. The following two options are available:

    • Generate a purchase order, when order transactions are received. If purchase orders are to be created automatically in the system as soon as an order is created. By default this option is selected in the application.
    • Just capture demand, do not generate a purchase order, if the purchase orders are not to be automatically generated and only the demand from the order needs to be captured
  5. Select the option to Configure automatic posting of issue or receipt transactions, if order processing & fulfilment will result in inventory transactions (issue on order shipment for the vendor and receipt on order fulfilment for the customer). This links order management with inventory management.
  6. Select the two options of transporter details, as applicable:

    • The transporter specification on an order is mandatory before shipping it to make it mandatory for transporter detail to be specified before shipment
    • Append transporter details to order status message in shipping to include transporter details in the text message after order shipment
  7. Select the option to Allow orders with no items to be created
  8. Select the option to Allow marking sales order as confirmed during order creation, to allow pending stage to be skipped and the sales order to be automatically in confirmed stage.
  9. Select the option to Allow allocating stocks on marking order status as confirmed to automatically allocate the stocks when an order has moved to confirmed stage. This will be done on the basis of early expiry first out batches.
  10. Type the payment options with comma separators
  11. Type the package sizes which can be selected during shipment
  12. Type and select the name of the default vendor in the field next to Vendor (default) field. Orders for which vendors are not chosen will automatically select a default vendor
  13. Select the option to Disable order pricing to ensure that orders do not have any money value

  14.  Select the option to Rename Transfer orders as Release orders 
  15. Click on Save button
  16. A message confirming that these order configuration has been updated successfully