• Inventory dashboard: Overview
  • Configure Inventory dashboard

Inventory dashboard: Overview

The inventory dashboard configuration provides an option to list the inventory across entities in the stock views page, when navigated to. 

It is suggested that if the number of materials and entities are less than 25. If required, only specific entity tags can be displayed by default.

Configure Inventory dashboard

  1. Click on Configuration tab in the main menu
  2. Select Inventory sub-tab from the dropdown
  3. Navigate to the Inventory dashboard section on the page
  4. Select the option to Enable display of inventory dashboard
  5. Type the Default entity tag and select the applicable entity tag from the dropdown. Multiple entity tags can be selected. 


    Entity Tags need to specified in the domain, prior to configuring the default entity tag for the inventory dashboard. 
  6. Click on Save button

  7. A message confirming that Inventory configuration has been updated successfully