• Min/Max configuration: Overview
  • Configure Min/Max configuration

Min/Max configuration: Overview

Minimum and maximum values of inventory to be held in the different entities can be configured by either:

  • Absolute quantities: the system will not calculate the min/max and the absolute min & max quantities provided per inventory item when adding inventory will be used as a basis
  • Duration of stock (in days/weeks/months of stock): the min/max quantities would be auto-calculated based on consumption rate. Hence, this option will only be available if manual or automatic consumption has been setup. The frequency of this computation can be configured in days, weeks or months of stock. The Min/Max value in the duration (days, weeks or months) will need to be provided during inventory addition

Configure Min/Max configuration

  1. Click on Configuration tab in the main menu
  2. Click on Inventory sub-tab from the dropdown
  3. Navigate to Min/Max configuration section on the page.
  4. Select the Min/max value type
  5. If Absolute quantity is selected, there are no more inputs are to be provided at configuration. Inventory metadata addition can include the absolute values directly
  6. If Duration of stock is selected, choose the duration of stock from the dropdown (Days of stock, Weeks of stock & Months of stock)
  7. If Duration of stock is selected, select the Min/Max update frequency that defines how often Min/Max will be automatically calculated (in Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly)
  8. Click on Save button 

  9. A message confirming that Inventory configuration has been updated successfully