• Alarms filter: Overview
  • Navigate to the Assets page
  • Filter assets using Alarms filter

Alarms filter: Overview

The alarms filter allows filtering assets based on different alarm statuses. Assets could be filtered based on:

  • all alarm conditions
  • temperature alarms (only for monitored assets)
  • device alarms (only for monitoring assets)
  • normal temperature range
  • no data or unknown status

When temperature/device alarms or no data alarms are chosen, a field for alarm duration with a filter for units is shown.


Navigate to the assets page

To view the assets, navigate to the Assets page:

  1. Click on the Assets tab in the main menu
  2. A list of all the monitored assets will be displayed for the default filters

Filter assets using alarms filter

  1. Select the type of alarm by which to filter assets
  2. If alarm duration field is shown,

    a. select the time in Minutes, Hours etc.

    b. enter the duration

    c. click on the search icon

  3. A list of all the assets for which the alarm condition has persisted longer than the duration entered is shown

This list can be filtered further using one or more of the other filters on that page.