• Transaction data export : Overview
  • Configure transaction data export 

Transaction data export : Overview

Daily export of raw transactions can be enabled by selecting this option. The time of day at which the export is to be triggered and the set of recipients can be specified here.

These reports:

  • can be sent to recipients based on user tags and individual usernames. 
  • is received on an email in a CSV format, which can be opened in excel

Configure transaction data export 

  1. Click on Configuration tab in the main menu
  2. Select Inventory sub-tab from the dropdown
  3. Navigate to the Transaction data export section on the page

  4. Select the option Enable transaction data export (as Comma-separated values, CSV) 

  5. Type the time (in 24 hour format) at which the email must be received in the main box of the users in the 'Every day at hour(s) (hh:mm)' field. Use a comma to receive the export multiple times in a day. The data exported will be for the 24 hours prior to the provided time. 

    The timezone at which the exports will run will be based on the domain set in General configuration. If time zone is not configured, the export will run at UTC time
  6. Type the user tags and name of users in the To field and select the applicable users from the dropdown
  7. Click on Save button to save the changes made
  8. A message will be displayed confirming that inventory configuration has been successfully updated