• Transaction Reasons: Overview
  • Configure transaction reasons

Transaction Reasons : Overview

Transaction Reasons refer to the specific reasons why certain transactions (issue, receipt, stock count, discard or transfer) were entered. This would be useful to get a detailed understanding of the nature of transactions.

For example: Discards can be due to expiry of materials, damage or loss. Such reasons can be pre-configured and customised, so that the users doing entering these transactions can choose them from a dropdown.

Transaction reasons can:

  • be customized per type of transaction
  • be different for different material tags per domain
  • be made optional or mandatory
  • have a maximum 500 characters and 100 characters per reason.  However, it is suggested that the reasons are short and few to keep the listing user friendly 

Configure transaction reasons

  1. Click on Configuration tab from the main menu
  2. Click on Inventory sub-tab from the dropdown
  3. Navigate to the Transaction Reasons section on the page
  4. Click on the type of transaction for which the reason needs to be provided
  5. Type the Reasons in the sequence they are to be available for users. Ensure that commas are used between reasons without an additional space

    If reasons should be made optional, insert a comma prior to the first reason

  6. Select Specify the material tags and corresponding reasons to have custom reasons per material tags
  7. Type the name of the tag under the Material Tags section and select the material from the dropdown
  8. Type the reasons under the Reason section in the sequence they are to be available for users. Ensure that commas are used between reasons without an additional space
  9. Follow similar steps to configuring reasons for all other transaction types
  10. Click on the trash icon next to the material tag row to delete any additional rows added 

    The reasons mentioned in the common reasons next to Reasons for <type of transaction>  will appear for materials across all tags. Use configure by material tags option to add additional reasons only
  11. Click on Save button to save the changes made

  12. A message will be displayed confirming that inventory configuration has been successfully updated