• Security: Overview
  • Components of Security
  • Configure Security details

Security Overview:

Security configuration defines the security restrictions that can be applied to mobile application users.

The details in the security section apply to all the users in the domain irrespective of the user role selected at the top of the page in the 'Role' field

Components of Security:

  • Authentication token expiry: If users have not logged out or closed the mobile application for a specific number of days, they can be forced to log out after the defined number of days and requested to re-login. This will ensure that unauthorised users, who have access to the mobile phone, will be restricted from using the mobile application.
  • Local login required on mobile phone:¬†With this configuration, users have an option to log-in to the mobile application without internet availability.

Configure Security details

  1. Click on Configuration tab on the main menu
  2. Click on Capabilities sub-tab from the drop down
  3. Navigate to the second half of the page to the Security section

4. Type the number of days, in the section Authentication token expiry, after which the mobile application should automatically log out a user and force them to re-login

5. Select the option of Local login required on mobile phone the local log in required on the mobile phone option if the users in the domain should have the capability for the same.

6. Click on Save button at the bottom of the page

7. A message 'Capabilities configuration updated successfully' will appear which confirms that the configuration has been updated.