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Order edit: Overview

An order can be edited to accommodate change in requirement or updation of entered information.

An Ordered quantity is the originally ordered quantity. A customer can edit an ordered quantity ONLY if the order is in a Pending state. A vendor can edit an ordered quantity if the order is in a Pending, Confirmed or Backordered state. 

In addition to this, other order details like Order tags, Required by date, Estimated date of arrival, Reference ID and Material list can also be edited, subject to the order status and type of user.


Navigate to the Orders page

  1. Click on the Orders tab in the main menu

  2. Select the Orders tab from the drop-down list

  3. View a list of all orders across entities. Select an order to edit either by searching through the list OR by using available filters

Edit an item on a shipment order

  1. Scroll down the order page and click on the Items tab
  2. View the following order details, listed in a tabular format

    a. Material: Name of the material(s) ordered
    b. Ordered: quantity originally ordered by the customer
    c. Allocated: quantity of material allocated for this order
    d. Shipped: quantity already shipped for this order
    f. Yet to ship: quantity yet to be shipped for this oder
    h. Stock on hand: total quantity of material at the customer entity (Available + Allocated)
    i. Available stock: total quantity of material at the vendor entity 

  3. Click on the Edit button

4. Click on the Ordered field of the material to be edited and enter a new order quantity

5. Select a reason for the change in quantity

6. Click on Save to save the change or Cancel to exit without saving

7. A Materials updated successfully message appears. If this message does not appear, then the update was not successful

TIP: To view the updated order quantity, navigate to the respective order page, scroll down and click on Item tab