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Shipments: Overview

A vendor who is unable to fully ship an order, either due to lack of stock or due to lack of transportation, has an option to ship partial stock first, and the rest later. A single order could be sent in multiple shipments. Each shipment is similar to an order and has to be processed in the same manner.

A shipment, when shipped, will move the status of the order to Backordered. Thus, an order in a backordered state, indicates that partial requested quantity has been shipped and the remaining quantities are yet to be shipped.  

NOTE: Shipments can be created ONLY on pending, confirmed and backordered orders



Navigate to the Orders Dashboard

  1. Click on the Orders tab in the main menu

  2. Select the Orders tab from the drop-down list

  3. View a list of orders across entities. Select an order to edit either by scrolling through the list or by using available filters

Create shipment

  1. Scroll down the order page and click on Items tab
  2. Click on checkbox of specific materials to ship ONLY those materials from that order (this will be a partial shipment of the order)

TIP: To select all materials in the list, select the checkbox in the table header, next to Material column name

3. Click on Create Shipment button

4. View the following Items information listed in tabular format

a. Material: Name of the material(s) being shipped as part of this shipment

b. Stock on hand: total quantity of material at the entity (Available + Allocated)

c. Ordered: quantity originally ordered by the customer

d. Allocated: quantity of material already allocated for use, thus not available for transaction

e. Shipped: quantity already shipped 

f. Yet to ship: quantity yet to be shipped 

g. On shipments: quantity for which a shipment has already been created (but not shipped)

h. Ship: quantity to be shipped as part of this shipment

i. Allocate from Order: indicates if the allocation was done at the order page. This checkbox is enabled ONLY if stock was allocated to the material, before creating a shipment. Unchecking this, will provide an option to override previous allocation

5. Review the Ship quantity. The field is pre-populated with the ordered quantity. If the value is same as the quantity to be shipped, proceed, else click on the field and edit the quantity

6. Enter shipment details -

a. Enter name of the Transporter

b. Enter Tracking ID,  to track the shipment

c. Click on the Estimated date of arrival field

d. Select a date from the calendar

e. Click on the Select reason (for the partial shipment) field and select a reason from the dropdown list

f. Select Package size of the shipment

7. Click on Submit to save the shipment details or Cancel to quit shipment page

8. A message Shipment created successfully appears. If this message does not appear, then the shipment has not been created 

9. Click on the Shipments tab to view the created shipment