• Status history: Overview
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    • Navigate to Orders page
    • View Status history of an order

Orders: Overview

An order status changes from Pending, Confirmed, Backordered, Shipped to Fulfilled or Cancelled during its journey through the supply chain. A record of these changes are maintained and can be accessed on the Status history page.

Navigate to the Orders page

  1. Click on the Orders tab in the main menu

  2. Select the Orders tab from the drop-down list

  3. View a list of all orders across entities. Select an order to edit either by searching through the list OR by using available filters

View status history of an order

  1. Click on the Show status history icon

2. View status history of the order. Each record includes the change details, time of change and the user who made the change along with any reasons associated with it

3. Click on the Close button to collapse the table