• Locale defaults: Overview
  • How to set Locale defaults

Locale defaults: Overview

Locale defaults section lists the location related fields listed below: which can be set as default, for all the entities & users in the domain. Most of these can further be further customised at the entity and user level 

How to set Locale defaults

  1. Click on Configuration in the main menu
  2. Click on General from the drop-down list
  3. Navigate to Local defaults section
  4. Select the input from the drop down list for the desired fields, in the Locale defaults section. Various fields available are as follows:
    • Country 
    • State (shown as an example)
    • District/County
    • Language
    • Timezone
    • Currency
  5. Type the image url in the custom page header. This field allows one to specify a <div> or any HTML block with a image URL that points to a image. If specified, this image will appear in the header of all pages in the domain.

  6. Select the option to Switch to new host and type the new host name: The new host name will be used by the mobile application to connect to a different server every time a user logs in. This is an option to direct the data from the mobile application away from the default server. However, the new host name will also sync the data back to Logistimo's servers.

  7. Click on Save at the bottom of the page

  8. A message 'General configuration updated successfully' will appear as a confirmation for updated changes.

Any changes to fields mentioned above will be reflected as defaults only for entities & users which are created after changing the default locale settings.