• Order response time: Overview
  • Text Guide:
    • Navigate to  Order response time reports page
    • Filter order response time by District/County

Order response time: Overview

Order response time is the total time taken from the creation of an order until it is fulfilled. The report splits this information into 2 parts: 

  • Order processing time: time since the creation of an order until it is shipped
  • Delivery lead time: time since the order is shipped until fulfilled

The District/County filter on the Order response time report page can be used to generate report for orders from the specified District/County.


Navigate to the Orders Dashboard

  1. Click on Reports tab in the main menu
  2. Click on Order response time sub-tab from the drop-down list

Filter order response time by District/County

  1. Enter the first few alphabet(s) of the District/County
  2. Select the District/County from the drop-down list
  3. Click on Get Report

4. Click on Order processing time or Delivery lead time tab to view respective graphs for the selected District/County. By default Order processing time will be displayed

5. View the number of days taken to process order(s) or deliver order(s) every month (ONLY 6 months data is displayed at a time)

6. View the average processing time or delivery lead time over the selected period 

7. Click on the Table icon to change the view 

8. View information in a tabular format