• Order cancellation: Overview
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    • Navigate to the View Orders page
    • Cancel an order

Order cancellation: Overview

An order, once created, can be cancelled under the following conditions:

  • A vendor can cancel a pending, confirmed, shipped and backordered order. If stock has been shipped, order cancellation will result in a reverse transaction, thus adding the stock back into the inventory

  • A customer can cancel an order only if it is in a pending state, once confirmed customer cannot cancel an order


Navigate to the View Orders page

  1. Click on the logo to open the application
  2. Log in with the username and password

  3. Click on Orders
  4. Click on View Orders

Cancel an order

  1. Select Purchases or Sales to view purchase orders or sales orders
  2. Search an order

    a. Click on the Enter order number field and enter the order number (if known) OR

    b. Click on an order status tab and search for the order to be cancelled

  3. Click on the order to be cancelled 

  4. View details of the order

    a. Status: status of the order - Pending, Confirmed, Shipped, Fulfilled, Backordered

    b. Paid: amount paid for the order

    c. Created: date of order creation

    d. Updated: date the order was last updated

    e. Customer: the entity that will receive the material

    f.  Vendor: the entity that will dispatch the order

  5. View the items in the order along with ordered, recommended and allocated quantities

  6. Click on the Change button next to Status

  7. Select Cancel from the status options 
  8. Click on the Select reason dropdown button 
  9. Select a reason for the order cancellation from the options listed
  10. Add comments regarding order cancellation, if any
  11. Click on the blue Cancel button to cancel the order, or the white Cancel button to quit
  12. Click Yes on the pop up notification to mark the order as Cancelled, or No to go back

  13. View the order status on order page. The status would have changed to Cancelled