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    • Create a sales order

Sales order: Overview

A sales order is a type of order created by a vendor, to send materials to its customer(s).



Navigate to the New Order page

  1. Click on the 'Logistimo' logo to open the application
  2. Log in with the username and password

  3. Click on Order
  4. Click on New Order

Create a sales order

  1. Select Sales order as the type of order you wish to create
  2. a. By default the page lists 10 customers at a time. To view more (if available) click on a forward arrow button next to the total number of customers

    b. Select a customer from the list

  3. a. View the total number of materials across all categories next to the page title

    b. View the total number of materials within a category next to material tag name

    c. Select a material tag to view materials within that category

  4. a. Click on forward arrow button to view more materials. Only 10 materials are shown at a time
    b. View the current stock and the last updated time for each material. The quantity is color coded based on inventory status
    red: zero stock
     - black: normal stock
    orange: < min.
    purple: > max.
    c. Select a material by entering the name in the field and clicking on the material from the resulting list or alternatively, scroll through the material list and click on the material name

  5. View the following details of that material:

    a. Stock on hand: this is the total quantity of the material physically held at an entity (Available + Allocated)
    b. Min: the minimum quantity of material that should be stocked
    c. Max: the maximum quantity of material that should be stocked
    d. Allocated: quantity of material that is already allocated for other entities, thus not available for transactions
    e. Available: the quantity of material available in stock (Stock on hand - Allocated)
    f. In transit: the quantity of material that has already been dispatched by the vendor and yet to be received at this entity
    g. Updated: the date and time stamp that shows when the information was last updated

  6. Review system recommendation for order quantity. This is calculated based on Max. - Stock on hand + In transit stock. If the recommended quantity is as required, proceed with the recommendation else enter a new order quantity

  7. Click on the Reason dropdown button and select a reason from the listed options. This is visible only if the recommended quantity is overridden

  8. Click on Save to save the entry or Cancel to quit
  9. A reminder pop-up appears if order recommendation was overridden. Click Yes to continue or No to go back to the previous screen

  10. View the Entered quantity (in red) on the main screen and continue adding materials to the sales order in the same manner
  11. Red flags will appear against each material tag to indicate that there are unsent order(s) for materials within those categories
  12. Click Send to send order, or Clear all to cancel all the order(s) entered

  13. Review order to ensure that the right materials have been ordered in the right quantity
  14. Enter a Message, if required
  15. Enter the amount of the order
  16. Click Send now to submit the order, or Cancel to quit

  17. A message 'Order successfully created' will appear with an order ID. This message indicates successful creation of a sales order. Click on OK to continue

NoteIf configured, a newly created sales order will be in a 'Confirmed' state. Else it will be in a Pending state, upon creation.


Tip: To view newly created sales order, refer to 'How to view orders on mobile?article. Also, to learn how to confirm a pending order, refer to 'How to confirm an order on mobile?' article.