• Shipments: Overview
  • Text Guide:
    • Navigate to the Shipments page
    • Filter shipments by Transporter

Shipments: Overview

A shipment is created when an order is fully or partially shipped. It contains all details of the order shipped or yet to be shipped. 

The transporter is the agency that conveys goods and is responsible for deliveries. Find directly from the Transporter filter, an overview of shipments which were sent via a specific transporter.


Navigate to the Shipments page

  1. Click on the Orders tab in the main menu
  2. Select the Shipments sub-tab from the drop-down list
  3. View a list of all shipments, across orders, across entities

Filter shipments by Transporter

  1. Click on the down arrow to view additional filters

2. Enter the first few alphabets of the name of the transporter in the Transporter field 

3. Select a transporter from the drop-down list that appears

4. View a list of only those shipments that have been carried by the selected transporter

NOTE: Use the Transporter filter in combination with ONE OR MORE of the following filters

a. Customer: filter the results further by a specific customer to whom material has been/yet to be shipped

b. Vendor: filter the results further by a specific vendor who has created/dispatched the shipment 

c. Status: filter by status of the shipment: pending, shipped, fulfilled, cancelled

d. Tracking ID: filter results by the tracking ID of the shipment

e. From Expected Fulfilment-To Expected Fulfilment: filter results to view shipments that were fulfilled from a specified date until a specified date

f. From - To: filter results to view all shipments created from a specified date until a specified date