• Transfer orders: Overview
  • Text Guide:
    • Navigate to the Transfers page
    • View Transfer orders
    • Filter Transfer orders
    • Export Transfer orders

Transfer order: Overview

Transfer orders are a special type of orders where a user like an Administrator, places an order to move materials from one entity to another, under his/her jurisdiction. Each transfer order is processed similar to a purchase order. 


Navigate to the Transfers page

  1. Click on the Orders tab in the main menu
  2. Select the Transfer sub-tab from the drop-down list
  3. View a list of all transfer orders across entities

View Transfer orders

1. The transfer orders will be displayed in a tabular format, with following details: 

a. Selection box: use these to select and export only selected Transfer orders 

b. Sl.No: Transfers are listed in a chronological order, where the latest order is listed on top

c. Order: unique order identification that is assigned to every transfer order

d. Items: the number of items in the transfer order 

e. Status: transfer order status - pending, confirmed, backordered, shipped, fulfilled, cancelled

f. Entity: name of the customer to whom material will be transferred

g. Created on: date on which the transfer was created 

h. Vendor: name of the vendor to whom the transfer order has been placed

i. Number of transfer orders: Number of transfer orders listed on the page and the total count. By default a page lists 50 transfer orders at a time. To navigate to the next set of orders, click on a forward arrow button (ONLY if there are more than 50 records)

2. Enter an Entity name in the Entity field, to view transfer orders created to and from the the selected entity

3. Toggle between Outgoing and Incoming orders to view transfer orders placed to (vendor) and from (customer) the facility. By default, the Outgoing tab is selected

Filter transfers

The transfer order list can be customised as per requirement, using the following filters. 

  1. Click on the down arrow to view all filters

2. Entity: provides a list of transfer orders placed to or from the selected entity

3. Status: provides a list of transfer orders in selected status

4. From: lists transfer orders created since the selected date

5. To: lists transfer orders created until the selected date

6. Order: provides details of the selected order

7. Reference ID: fetches the order with entered Reference ID

8. Entity Tags: provides a list of all transfer orders involving entities belonging to the selected entity group

9. Order Tags: provides a list of all transfer orders classified with selected order tag

10. Reset button: resets all filters to default values

11. Click on the up arrow to collapse the filters box 

Use filters by themselves or in combinations with others:
  • Entity: use with Status AND/OR From - To
  • Entity Tag: use with Status AND/OR From - To
  • Order Tag: use with Status AND/OR From - To

Export Transfer orders

  1. Click on the Export button to export the entire record of Transfer orders OR
  2. Click on the selection box of required Transfer orders and click on Export to export ONLY the selected orders

3. A pop-up window appears re-confirming the export selection criteria. Click OK to continue or Cancel to abort the export

4. On clicking OK another pop-up message appears to confirm that the transfer orders have been emailed to the registered email address

5. Track the status of the export by clicking on user profile on the top right of the screen and selecting My Exports from the drop-down menu