• Transfer order: Overview
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    • Navigate to the Create Transfers page
    • Create a Transfer order

Transfers: Overview

Transfer orders are a special type of orders where a user at a higher level, places an order to move materials from one entity to another, under his/her jurisdiction. Each transfer order is processed similar to a purchase order. 


NOTE: 'Transfer' orders can also be termed 'Release' orders. This can be configured as per requirement. 


Navigate to the Create Transfers page

  1. Click on the Order tab in the main menu
  2. Select the Order sub-tab from the options in the drop-down list

3. Click on the Create transfer order tab

Create a Transfer order

  1. Enter the first few alphabets of the vendor name in Vendor field
  2. Select a vendor from the drop-down list that appears

3. Click on the Edit icon near the Vendor field to reset the name and choose another

4. Enter the first few alphabets of the customer name in Customer field

5. Select a Customer from the drop-down list that appears

6. Click on the Edit icon near the Customer field to reset the name and choose another

7. Enter the Reference ID of the order

8. Click on the Order tag field and select from the options available

9. Click on the Expected date of arrival field and select a date by using the calendar. This specifies the estimated date by when the order will reach the customer 

10. Enter any comments for this order in the Comments field

All fields with an asterisk are MANDATORY, others are OPTIONAL

11. Select a material to be transferred. 

      a. Scroll down the material list and select a material. The list can be filtered using Material tag filter  OR

      b. Enter the material name in the field and select from the list

12. Check the box near Show customer's stock on hand to view stock for each material at the customer's location

13. View the following details , for every material selected  

a. Available stock: the total quantity of material available for use at the vendor store (Stock on hand- Allocated). The stock on hand and (min.,max.) details are provided below the available stock

b. Months of stock: months for which existing stock will last

c. Quantity: quantity to be ordered. This field is pre-populated with an order recommendation based on the calculation Max. - Stock on hand + In transit

d. Stock on hand: the total quantity of material available at the customer store (Available + Allocated)

14. Enter a new Quantity if the recommended value is not as required OR proceed to step 16

15. Select a Reason for overriding recommended quantity from the dropdown list

16. Click on Delete icon to delete the material entry, IF REQUIRED

17. Continue to add materials to the order, IF REQUIRED

18. Click on Submit to send the entries or Reset to clear the order

19. In the event that the ordered quantities of any materials do not match the recommended quantities, a message will pop up mentioning this and asking if you wish to continue. Click on Cancel to go back and change any quantities or OK to continue with the ordered quantities

20. A message informing successful creation of an order is displayed along with the Order number

NOTE: A transfer order when created will be in a Pending state