• Order number and order tags: Overview
  • Text Guide:
    • Navigate to the Orders page
    • Filter using Order number
    • Filter using Order tags

Order number and order tags: Overview

  1. Order number: A unique number assigned to each order upon creation 
  2. Order Tags: A tag which categorises orders into groups

The Order filter fetches the associated order, while the Order Tags filter fetches list of orders within the selected category. 


Navigate to the Orders page

  1. Click on the Orders tab in the main menu
  2. Select the Orders tab from the drop-down list
  3. View list of all orders across entities

Filter using Order number

  1. Click on the down arrow button
  2. Enter the first few digit of the order number in Order number field
  3. Select an order number from the drop-down list

4. View details of the selected Order

Filter using Order Tags

  1. Click on the Order Tag arrow
  2. Select a tag from the drop-down list. By default, All will be selected

 3. View a list of orders, within selected category

 4. Click on Export button to export the data to the registered email address

 5. Click on the order to view more details of that order