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    • View current stock of an entity
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    • View current stock of an entity

View stock: Overview

The View Stock operation lists the stock of all materials maintained in an entity. The list is arranged based on material tags and also includes detailed information of batches, min.- max. thresholds etc. 



View current stock of an entity

  1. Click on the 'Logistimo' logo to open the application
  2. Log in with the username and password

  3. View the entity name at the top of the screen
  4. Click on Inventory tab to view the list of inventory operations
  5. Click on View stock to view the list of materials

  6. a. View the total number of materials across all categories next to the page title

    b. View the total number of materials within a category next to material tag name

    c. Select the material tag to view materials within that category

  7. a. Click on forward arrow button to view more materials. Only 10 materials are shown at a time

    b. View the current stock and the last updated time for each material. The quantity is color coded based on inventory status
    red: zero stock
     - black: normal stock
    orange: < min.
    purple: > max.
    c. Select a material by entering the name in the field and clicking on the material from the resulting list or alternatively, scroll through the material list and click on the material name

  8. View the following details of that material:

    a. Stock on hand: this is the total quantity of the material physically held at an entity (Available + Allocated)
    b. Min: the minimum quantity of material that should be stocked
    c. Max: the maximum quantity of material that should be stocked
    d. Allocated: quantity of material that is already allocated for other entities, thus not available for transactions
    e. Available: the quantity of material available in stock (Stock on hand - Allocated)
    f. In transit: the quantity of material that has already been dispatched by the vendor and yet to be received at this entity
    g. Updated: the date and time stamp that shows when the information was last updated

  9. View all the batches of the material, its quantity and expiry date. Click on a batch record to view further details

    Note: This step is applicable for batch-managed materials ONLY.

  10. View the following batch details for the selected batch

    - Manufacturer

    - Manufactured date

    - Last updated timestamp