• Material tags: overview
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    • Navigate to Abnormal Stock page
    • Material tags filter

Material tags: Overview 

The Material tags filter shows stock of a tagged group of materials across all entities in a domain.


Navigate to the Abnormal Stock page

  1. Click on the Inventory tab in the main menu
  2. Select the Abnormal Stock tab from the drop-down list
  3. A list of zero stock (default) will be displayed on the screen

Material tags filter

  1. Click on Material tags
  2. Select a tag from the drop down list
  3. All data from materials with that tag will appear on the screen
  4. Click on the small domain icon to switch to that domain (Only applicable wherever a domain name is specified). Clicking on the icon will pop a confirmation box, before switching to that domain (This icon is visible to administrators and super users only)
  5. View the name of the Entities that are stocked out, <min. or > max.
  6. View the Stock on hand within the entities
  7. View the Minimum stock that should be maintained to meet typical consumption rates
  8. View the Maximum stock that should ideally be maintained
  9. View the Duration of days/months the abnormal stock situation has been going on
  10. View the date and time Since the start of the event
  11. View the number of records of abnormal stock situations currently in the system
  12. Click the Export button to export the data on the page to the registered email address (See How to view and export all current abnormal stock)
  13. Use the Reset button will reset any filters that have been applied
  14. Click on the Events field to switch the view to < min. or > max events
  15. Click on any given item/row to view the event history for that item
  16. A table opens up with details of the recent event history of the item
  17. View the name of the Material
  18. View the name of the Entity where there has been an abnormal stock event
  19. View the start date From which the abnormal stock incident has begun
  20. View the date Until which the event has lasted
  21. View the Duration of the event
  22. Click on the X button to collapse the table