• Abnormal Stock: overview
  • Text Guide:
    • Navigate to Abnormal Stock page
    • Abnormal Stock filters
    • Export data

Abnormal Stock: Overview 

Abnormal Stock refers to materials with the following stock levels:

  • Zero stock
  • Less than minimum stock (predetermined value)
  • More than maximum stock (predetermined value)

Once stock levels return to normal, the record disappears from the list


Navigate to the Abnormal Stock page

  1. Click on the Inventory tab in the main menu
  2. Select the Abnormal Stocks sub-tab from the available options in the menu
  3. View a tabular record of zero stock events (default)

Abnormal stock filters

  1. Click on Events filter to view results of stock abnormality, the default is zero stock. This filter can be used in combination with an Entity tags OR Material tags
  2. Click on Entity tags to filter by entity tags will return results of abnormal stock of all entities in within an administrative jurisdiction. If no entity tag is selected, all entities are included
  3. Click on Material tags to view results of abnormal stock of that specific material. If no material tag is selected, all materials are included
  4. Click the Reset button to reset all data to default values
  5. Click on the bright blue Export button to export stock data

Export Abnormal Stock

  1. Apply filters and click on Export tab
  2. A pop-up box will appear seeking confirmation whether you want to export the abnormal stock data, Click OK to export specific list / complete list of abnormal stock to your registered e-mail or Cancel to quit without exporting
  3. On successful submission of the export request, the system pops up a confirmation “Your request for e-mail is successfully placed. Please check your e-mail later to download the exported spreadsheet”. A CSV file will be exported to the inbox of your registered e-mail address