• Expiry date filter: Overview
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Expiry date filter: Overview

The Expiry date filter on the Stock Views page enables filtration of data by expiry date of the material

You can use the Expiry date filter in combination with Entity tags OR Material tags for a more specific subset of this information.


Navigate to the Stock Views page

  1. Click on the Inventory tab on the main menu
  2. Select the Stock Views tab from the drop-down

Filter by expiry date

  1. Click on the Expiry date field
  2. Choose a month from the calendar that drops down
  3. Select a date from the calendar
  4. View the number of listings, if there are more than 10, an option will appear to load more records
  5. Click on the small domain icon to switch to that domain (Only applicable wherever a domain name is specified). Clicking on the icon will pop a confirmation box, before switching to that domain (This icon is visible to administrators and super users only)
  6. Results will appear in a tabular format, arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the material
  7. View the name of the Material that is due to expire by the specified date
  8. View the name of the Entity where the material is stocked
  9. View the Batch id of the material that is due to expire by the specified date
  10. View the Date of manufacture of the material
  11. View the name of the Manufacturer
  12. View the Expiry date
  13. View the Stock on hand, that is the quantity of that material in stock at the entity
  14. View the date the record was last updated
  15. Click on the reset button to reset all filters
Use this filter in combination with the Entity tag OR Material tag