• Inventory by location: Overview
  • Text Guide:
    • Navigate to dashboard Overview page
    • Analyse dashboard using the location map

Inventory by location: overview

Map visualizations of inventory, activity and assets by State, will drill-down to districts. Geographical distributions are represented in the form of a map as well as a bar chart. In the bar chart, data are sorted based on value in percentage.

a) Data can be drilled down further geographically like national level to state level and to district level
b) Default level (the highest) will be decided based on domain's general configuration
c) Configuring country for domain is MANDATORY to view dashboard


Navigate to dashboard Overview page

  1. Click on Dashboard tab in the main menu
  2. Click on Overview sub-tab from the drop-down list

View inventory dashboard: by location

  1. Scroll down to view the map

2. Click on a highlighted state to drill-down to the next level in the echelon

3. Hover over a highlighted area to view the percentage of inventory items in normal status

4. Click on the bar view icon to view data sorted on value in percentage

5. Click on a bar to drill-down to the next lower echelon in the order

6. Continue clicking to the individual entity level

If any filters have been applied, data will display accordingly