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    • Filter based on specific date
    • Filter based on specific period

Date filter: overview

Filter activity and inventory dashboard as of selected date and period, the default value is the current date and time. 

NOTE: The dashboard data is near real time. The refresh time can be configured to as minimum as 30 minutes


Navigate to Dashboards > Overview

  1. Click on Dashboard tab in the main menu
  2. Click on Overview sub-tab from the drop-down list

Filter based on specific period

  1. Click on the Filter icon on the top right corner of the inventory doughnut chart

2. Click on the Date field to get a calendar view

3. Select a date to view inventory status on that particular day (Period filter = Now) OR number of days from the selected start date (Period filter = x days)

4. Click on Period filter to get a calendar view. The default is Now, which is the time when the dashboard was last updated. Period defines the number of days to display from the selected Date

5. The results will display activity and inventory as of the selected date

NOTE: Combine the date filter with period filter and material tag OR material name to analyze results further