• Material tags: Overview
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    • Navigate to the Inventory Dashboard
    • Filter by Material Tags

Material Tags: Overview

A material can be associated with zero, one or more tags. A material tag refers to a name of a category or group of materials. For example: A material '0.5ml syringe pieces' can be tagged as 'Injections' and 'Medicines', whereas a material such as 'Albendazol' can be tagged as 'Medicines'. Material tags are configurable and help to narrow down the search on the material listing page and also in other pages such as Inventory, Dashboards and so on.


Navigate to the Inventory Dashboard

  1. Click on the Dashboards tab on the main menu
  2. Select Inventory from the options in the drop-down menu

Filter materials with tags

  1. Click on the Material tag field and select a tag from the drop-down list

2. Select multiple tags, IF REQUIRED

3. View inventory information for materials tagged with ANY of the selected keyword(s)

NOTE: Material tags can be combined with Entity tag, Status and Period filters. Only materials that meet ALL selected criteria are shown, not materials that meet ANY selected criteria