• Receipts: Overview
  • Video Guide:
    • Create a Receipt transaction
  • Text Guide:
    • Navigate to the Transactions page
    • Create Receipts
    • View Receipts

Receipts: Overview

A receipt records stock received at an entity or store. It results in an increase in inventory.



Navigate to the Create Transactions page
  1. Click on the Inventory tab in the main menu
  2. Select the Transactions sub-tab from the options in the drop-down list
  3. Select the Create Transactions tab

Create receipts

STEP 1: Enter details of the transaction

  1. Enter the first alphabet of the entity name in the Entity field, this is the entity receiving the material, and select an entity from the list that appears
  2. Use the icon on the right side of the Entity field to clear the selection and choose another entity
  3. Select Receipt from the drop-down options under Transaction type
  4. Use the icon on the right side of the Transaction Type field to clear the selection and choose another type of transaction
  5. Enter the date of the receipt in the Date of actual transaction field using the calendar that pops up, this records the date the receipt actually occurred, not the date the entry was made in the records
  6. Enter the first alphabet of the vendor's name in the Vendor field, and select from the list of vendors associated with the entity. Vendors are stores that issued the material
Mandatory fields have a red asterisk near them. Fields can be set as mandatory or optional in the Configuration section.

STEP 2: Enter details of the material(s) that were received

  1. There are two ways to enter the name of the material in the system:

a. Choose the name from the list on the right; or

b. Enter the name in the text box below

2. As soon as you choose/enter the material name, you can see the total stock of selected material in the entity, along with the minimum and maximum thresholds that a store needs to stock (a calculation that is made based on consumption)

3. The next column shows the amount of stock available for transaction (stock that has not been allocated for use)

4. Enter the amount of material received in the Quantity field

5. Select the condition of the material when it was received in the Status drop-down menu:

  • Good Condition
  • Slightly Damaged
  • Damaged

6. Select the reason for the transaction

  • Routine
  • On Request
  • Emergency
  • Special Programs

7. Multiple materials can be selected in a single transaction, so continue with more receipts by typing material name in the next line and entering details

8. Click on Submit to save the transaction or Reset to clear all the details that were entered

9. To delete just one line of entry click on the trashcan icon on the right of the row

Enter receipt for batch-managed material

  1. Type material name to choose a material, if it is batch-managed entering receipts is slightly different
  2. Click on Enter by batch to expand the row where details can be entered
  3. Enter the Batch ID in the field provided
  4. Enter the manufacturing date using the calendar that opens up
  5. Enter the Manufacturer
  6. Enter the expiry date using the calendar that opens up
  7. Enter the quantity of material received
  8. Choose the status of the material
  9. Click on the plus button to add more batches
  10. Click on Save to save the entry or Cancel to discard
  11. To view existing batches in the system click on View batch
  12. View the details 
  13. Click on Hide batch to collapse the rows
  14. Click on the Submit button to proceed with the transaction or Reset to clear all the entered details

View Receipts

  1. Go to the Inventory tab on the main menu
  2. Select the Transactions sub-tab from the options in the drop-down list
  3. A list of all transaction receipt of that entity will appear, you can confirm if the details entered are correct