• Stock Views: Overview
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    • Navigate to Stock Views page
    • View stock details
    • Stock View filters

Stock Views: Overview

The Stock Views page provides a tabular view of stock. You can filter the data based on entity, material or expiry date and view and export consolidated or filtered reports of inventory holding.

NOTE: Transactions must be updated to ensure that the stock quantities are up-to-date.


Navigate to the Stock Views page

  1. Click on the Inventory tab on the main menu
  2. Select the Stock Views tab from the sub-menu

View stock details

  1. View a tabular list of entities, the table view is the default view of this page
  2. View the number of rows displayed on the page and the total number
  3. Click on the small domain icon to switch to that domain (Only applicable wherever a domain name is specified). Clicking on the icon will pop a confirmation box, before switching to that domain (This icon is visible to administrators and superusers only)
  4. View the list of entities in alphabetical order
  5. View the name of the Entity, and its location details below it
  6. View the temperature status of all monitored assets in the store as a doughnut chart
  7. View the number of materials available at respective entities (scroll right to view more materials (name and count))
  8. View the Total stock of each material across all entities at the bottom of the page

  9. The legend at the bottom of the page explains what the different conditional formatting colors mean:

    • Stock outs are marked in red (zero stock)
    • <min stock is marked in pink (minimum level represents the minimum quantity of the stock that should be held at all times)
    • > max is marked in blue (maximum level represents the upper limit of the stock that should be held)

10. Click on the Load more button to view details of the next entities

11. Click on the map icon to see a map view of the data with all the entities that have been geo-tagged

12. Clicking on the geo-location clusters will drill down to the map pins of individual stores

13. Click on the Do not cluster checkbox to uncluster the geo-location tags

14. Click on the Satellite button to toggle to a satellite vie

15. Uncheck the labels box to toggle to a view without location labels

Stock Views filters

On the Stock Views page you can filter information by entities, materials or expiry date. Once you have added tags to your entities and materials you can use those tags to search or to create filters. The filters available are:

  1. Entity: enter the first alphabet(s) of the entity name to select and filter by a specific store
  2. Material: enter the first alphabet(s) of the material name to select and filter by a specific material
  3. Expires before: lists all the materials which expire before the specified date
  4. Entity Tags: click on the down arrow for a drop-down menu of echelons. Selecting a level will filter all the stores in that echelon
  5. Material Tags: click on the down arrow for a drop-down menu that offers a selection of material tag indexes and enables a view all materials with that corresponding tag
  6. Reset: click the Reset button to reset all data to default values
  7. Export: click on the bright blue Export button to export stock data