• Inventory dashboard: Overview
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    • View detailed inventory dashboard
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    • Navigate to Inventory dashboard
    • View detailed Inventory dashboard
    • Inventory dashboard filters

Inventory dashboard: Overview

This dashboard provides a detailed view of inventory availability across all domains. The domains can be further drilled to view inventory details in lower echelons. 

NOTE: The dashboard data is near real-time. It can be configured to automatically refresh a minimum of every 30 minutes. 



Navigate to Inventory dashboard

  1. Click on Dashboard tab in the main menu
  2. Click on Inventory sub-tab from the drop-down list

View detailed Inventory dashboard

  1. View inventory information listed in a tabular format

a. All materials maintained across entities are listed as columns headers

b. All domains are listed as row headers

c. The % value at the intersection of the material and entity represents the inventory status of that material in the selected entity. By default, the inventory table shows data for materials in Normal status

d. The legend of the table is at the top right corner

e. Last updated time is displayed above the table legend

f. The inventory details are color coded. This visible upon selecting respective statuses. By default Normal is displayed. 

Normal stock

Zero stock



2. Click on a domain name to view to detailed inventory dashboard of the selected lower echelon. Repeat the pr

3. Click on a table cell to view inventory status of the material (mentioned in column header) at the entity (mentioned in the row header)

Inventory dashboard filters

The Inventory dashboard view can be customised using one of the available filters:

  1. Material tag: lists inventory information for ONLY materials belonging to the selected material group
  2. Entity tag: lists inventory information for ONLY entities belonging to the selected entity group
  3. Status: lists inventory details for the selected status (normal, zero stock, min. ,max). By default, this is set to Normal
  4. Period: lists inventory details for the specified period. By default, this is set to Now